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Greedy Trial Lawyer

Special Courts For Special Folks - Healthcare Providers

November 07, 2005

By Greedy Trial Lawyer

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Category: Desperate Defendants

The healthcare industry acknowledges that medical errors are killing and injuring thousands of patients every year. Its solutions have included caps on damages, limits on attorney fees, statutory immunities for certain providers, screening panels of similar providers, special requirements for expert witnesses, among others. Now comes the ultimate nuclear proposal: special medical courts. Why not special drug manufactuer courts or even drunk driver courts? Drug manufacturers and drunk drivers are definitely having a difficult time dealing with our normal court system, its judges and juries. They would benefit tremendously from having a more undertanding system, one that is focused on giving them a better deal.

When I heard about the medical court proposal it made me sick. Ironically, the idea is being pushed by, a new website just launched to "expose America's medical liability crisis." A breathless press release informs us that "Inventor Dr. Robert Fischell, TED and Common Good partner to increase awareness of a problem that is ruining our healthcare system."

Excerpts from the Press Release (pretending to be a news article):

In an effort to save America's healthcare system, renowned medical inventor Dr. Robert Fischell and the TED community introduce This blog is an effort by Dr. Fischell and TED to bring awareness to the medical liability crisis and lead people to Common Good ( and other groups that are working to solve this issue which affects all Americans. will emphasize this crisis by reporting horrific medical errors, frivolous lawsuits that clog the nation's court system and skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates. In addition to Dr. Fischell, the blog will feature guest editors from the Common Good, legal and medical policy community as well as the TED community.

"The situation in the USA relative to the excessive use of the courts to resolve imagined and actual medical errors really does make me sick," says Dr. Fischell. "We have reached a point where many of the most qualified M.D.s are leaving the profession at a time when there is already a great shortage of medical doctors. The time has come for all citizens of this great country to adopt a new system for compensating injured patients."

About Robert Fischell

The holder of more than 200 U.S. and foreign patents, Fischell began his work in space development, including the creation of a 16-satellite system called Transit that was a key precursor to GPS. Fischell's true genius is his ability to see across technologies and sciences. His uncanny intuition allowed him to invent special features of the implantable cardiac defibrillator that has saved more than 60,000 lives -- followed by the implantable insulin pump, coronary stents used to open clogged arteries, and two extraordinary feedback systems that provide early warning of epileptic seizures and heart attacks. Fischell is now 75, yet still has a host of potent ideas capable of igniting the TED community to action.

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