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Greedy Trial Lawyer

Blacklisted Patients Arise!

December 13, 2006

By Greedy Trial Lawyer

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Category: In Your Face

My wife was thrown out of an ob/gyn practice because I am a Greedy Trial Lawyer. The official term for what happened to her, I suppose, is blacklisting by proxy. But, patient blacklisting, itself, is a much more common practice.

Patient Blacklisting explains and documents this epidemic that is spreading through (and encouraged by) the medical community.

Patients can be blacklisted by doctors without ever having sued a doctor at all. Blacklisting is basically getting stigmatized through hidden data sharing. It is fairly easy to get labeled as a "problem patient" and then you get blacklisted without understanding what is happening. Patients with chronic illnesses are at risk, especially those with chronic pain or mental illness, and misdiagnosed or undiagnosed repeat patients.

How do doctors blacklist patients? Doctors blacklist patients using the patient's medical records and in computer systems such as HealthConnect or Epic. Blacklisting has no borders. It is a global epidemic that is prevalent in all industrialized nations.

There is some potential good news here, however. The use of computers makes patient blacklisting vulnerable to hackers. Can you imagine the direct marketing which could be done by greedy trial lawyers to the blacklisted patients? I can.

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Thank you for writing about patient blacklisting. I am looking for other blacklisted patients who might want to speak to reporters. Please contact me at my website above (

Posted by: Violet at December 19, 2006 11:44 PM

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