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Greedy Trial Lawyer

Doctors Feel New Genes Needed In Their Ranks

April 17, 2006

By Greedy Trial Lawyer

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Category: In Your Face

I just read a heartrending article in the Orlando Business Journal, Doctors advise children not to be physicians. Excerpts are below. Be sure you have a hankie before you read even these three paragraphs.

Nearly 80 percent of Florida doctors responding to a recent survey conducted by The Doctors Co., a physician-owned medical liability insurer, say that the growing threat of lawsuits makes them hesitant to recommend a medical career to their children.

The survey results illustrate that the fear of groundless malpractice lawsuits greatly reduces the quality of professional life for physicians and may be steering the best and brightest of tomorrow's generation into other careers....

The practice of medicine in Florida is clearly a profession in crisis. Two-thirds of the doctors in the survey who had parents in medicine said they were encouraged to follow them into practice; today, four out of every five Florida doctors are now inclined to discourage their children from a medical career. Almost 45 percent of Florida doctors who participated in the survey now say they regret their own decision to enter medicine because of medical liability concerns, compared to 30 percent nationwide.

With over 90% of the medical errors never resulting in even a consultation with an attorney the Business Journal or The Doctors Co. may wish to thank the present doctors for eliminating their genes from the ranks of tomorrow's doctors. We may be able to save about 100,000 patient lives by bringing in some new blood.

From USA Today:

As many as 98,000 Americans still die each year because of medical errors despite an unprecedented focus on patient safety over the last five years, according to a study released today.

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