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Greedy Trial Lawyer

In Defense Of Greed

February 17, 2006

By Greedy Trial Lawyer

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Category: In Your Face

Have you ever thought about why most people seek the services of a greedy trial lawyer when they have been injured? Why is it that someone who would normally not hire a greedy accountant or a greedy doctor would prefer greediness in a personal injury lawyer?

Let me digress for a moment in order to show you the logic of this apparent inconsistency. If you were wrongly accused of murder would you seek out the kindest criminal defense attorney in the community or the baddest? If you would pick the baddest you are half way to understanding the appeal of greediness.

The next step is to understand that trial lawyers who represent victims are not paid by the hour or the task as are accountants or doctors. They agree to accept a percentage of the recovery they are able to achieve and do not collect any fee if no recovery occurs. In addition, it is almost universal that the trial lawyer advances the costs necessary to prosecute the claim.

At about this point you should be understanding why a greedy trial lawyer ultimately works hardest for the largest recovery. The greater the award or settlement, the greater the fee. And, the greater the net recovery to the injured victim.

You can post any flaws in this scenario by commenting. But, I haven't heard one with any substance yet.

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