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Greedy Trial Lawyer

Now Isiah Thomas Is In A Hostile Environment

October 02, 2007

By Greedy Trial Lawyer

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Category: Right On!

Some years ago I had the delightful experience of a jury note after 2 days of deliberation which asked the judge, "Do we fill out the amount of the damages if we agree the doctor was at fault?" Obviously, the doctor and his defense attorney were having far different feelings.

I recalled this incident when I read the following news account of the Isiah Thomas case.


Knicks coach Isiah Thomas isn't getting any love from the jury in his sensational sexual harassment case, a bombshell note from the panel revealed yesterday.

As a second full day of deliberations drew to a close, the seven jurors sent out a message signaling they all agree Thomas and Madison Square Garden subjected Knicks executive Anucha Browne Sanders to a hostile work environment.

The note from the jury forewoman said the panel is unanimous on eight of the nine charges in the case, but divided over whether to make Thomas dig into his own pocket.

The note indicated that a lone holdout juror is blocking their decision on whether Thomas should be forced to pay punitive damages to Sanders.

From the New York Post

Whatever the environment was at Madison Square Garden, my guess is that Thomas created a hostile home environment later in the evening. Soon to be followed by a hostile law office environment after the verdict.

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