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Greedy Trial Lawyer

Justice Clarence Thomas, Seething Black Conservative Hero Tells Us How Bad It Has Been

October 03, 2007

By Greedy Trial Lawyer

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Category: Seeing Clearly Now

There have been more than a few voices expressing, in various ways, discomfort, surprise or puzzlement over the tone and substance of the Clarence Thomas media blitz publicizing the Justice's newly published book. A good example:

Is Clarence Thomas Playing the Race Card Again?

When I watched the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings many moons ago, I was more than a bit surprised to hear him fight back with a claim that the Anita Hill allegations of the hearings were, in his words, a "high-tech lynching for uppity blacks."

Judge Thomas once again walks down the road of blaming racism for the sexual harassment investigation.

Eric Turkewitz, New York Personal Injury Law Blog

My reaction to the Justice Thomas "Still Mad As Hell" book tour is that he has had ample time to put the past behind him and focus on performing the 40 year job he has been given by the American people, both black and white, liberal and conservative. Yet, he wants to relive every offense against his inner goodness so we can appreciate his triumph over evil.

None of us should be pleased to learn a Supreme Court justice continues to seethe over issues magnified by his need to brood about his perceived black victimhood and to polish his self image as the heroic, unbowed TRUE BLACK CONSERVATIVE. As I have stated before, Justice Thomas is the most persuasive argument for a reasonable term limit for all Supreme Court justices. Twenty years of warped judicial insight should be more than enough for our country to endure.

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